After thinking for several days on which is the appropriate space to write about this, I was convinced of the fact that such issues need to be spoken on every platform. So here it is,

As humans, we are facing an unfair, deep-rooted epidemic that is constantly spread by our society & reinforced by media for ages.

It is so deep-rooted and intertwined in our minds that we have forgotten to realize a cure for this is yet to be found.

An epidemic of beauty sickness

An epidemic caused by our unfair obsession with lighter skin and a perfect body. As a society, we are all expected to fit into certain stereotypes and are constantly judged based on our skin color & body shape. This mindset is so normalized that we accept treatments that change our physical appearance and claim to make us ‘beautiful’ as a standard part of our life. The pressure to look ‘beautiful’ has made us question our own identity. This is probably the only social agony that is gender-neutral which affects both men and women equally. It’s a shame that something so natural, that we don’t have control over can make us feel so deficient.

But who decides what’s beautiful?

Who is gaining from all this craze? The multi-billion-dollar cosmetic industry? Are we falling prey to their marketing gimmicks? Or as humans, have we forgotten who we really are? Is this the world we want to create for the next generation?

When will we realize to see beyond the insignificant membrane of melanin covering our face and instead appreciate what truly is inside?

Beauty is a subjective experience, its not restricted to a particular color or shape. We are beautiful because of the confidence and passion we have and not because of our color or shape.

Forget Snow White, let’s say hello to Chocolate Brown and we will write our own fairy tale with a happy ending.

The first step in alleviating an issue is to raise awareness about it. When we stand up and say no to this damaging notion of beauty, we evolve as a society to a more considerate, more understanding, and an equal world.

Hoping that in the days to unfold, we learn to stay Un-Fair and Beautiful.

Savour every moment 💫

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