How often do we come across a legend, who changes our destiny?

How often do we come across a legend, who changes our destiny and directs us in the path of victory?

Not often, but I have been extremely blessed to have spent a good amount of time with one such legend during his last few years. A person who changed my life and guided me to the path of success.

The legendary Mr. Era Sezhiyan, India’s greatest parliamentarian, and a great human being. My family and I are fortunate to have known him and to be benefited incredibly by his greatness.

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The Legendary Era Sezhiyan

Having lived a legendary life for 90+ years, Sezhiyan thatha had the passion and vision until his last breath to create a better world. A very humble person who is considered as the Mt.Everest of Indian politics. His knowledge and strong opinions about human life have always amazed all of us. He was the epitome of wisdom and courage. The love and affection he had towards the people around him was boundless.

Even though I got only a few years in VIT to know and learn from this legend, his teaching and way of living continue to inspire me in every single thing I do.

My gratitude to Sezhiyan thatha cannot be expressed with a simple thanks.

I hope that the fuel he gave me to strive for the best will not die until I make him proud in some form or the other. It will be my way of giving back something small in return for all that he has bestowed me with and the blessings he still continues to shower me with.

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