Can a pandemic impart wisdom on us?

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Does it really take a pandemic like this for us to realize and value what we have? To pause and reflect on how blessed we are?

If a virus can teach us wisdom beyond our understanding of how gifted and precious our lives are, way better than any great preacher, Corona has done its job by making us understand who and what is most important in life.

This pandemic is not just a temporary issue that will pass by. It’s a highlighted version of a less visible crisis which we are all intertwined with and have forgotten to notice while running our rat race. Amid this pandemic, I hope we see some positive changes as we learn and unlearn about ourselves.

More empathetic and kinder souls, All it took was a virus to instill in us the thought that, we are all the same and equal. Either we all swim together or sink together. I hope this makes us more empathetic and kinder to everyone around us irrespective of who or where they are from. May we come out of this as one single strong community of people, together with supporting each other.

A better environment for our future. Nature started showing us immediate results once we started harassing it less as a result of this pandemic, with better and cleaner air, a better climate and a clear night sky with a myriad of stars. Do you believe that Chennai is not hot in the month of April? If we align ourselves and understand to co-exist with every single being in our eco-system, I strongly believe that we are heading towards a better and a beautiful world.

Everything happens for a reason and is always for the good.

Hoping that this period of uncertainty unfolds a better version of humans, more sensitive to ourselves, our people, our community and our environment.

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Savour every moment 💫

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