Blockchain has been a buzz word around for some time now. Just like any other new technology, it’s filled with lots of promises which it challenges to solve. In reality, is it capable of really solving it?

Are we just blinded by these promises or are we building on these promises?

We have heard a lot about what blockchain is, here is a perspective on what exactly blockchain is not and what those promises really mean.

A modern story about Trust

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Trust is extremely vital for a society to function. As species, humans trust one another. …

After thinking for several days on which is the right space to write about this, I was convinced of the fact that such issues need to be spoken on every platform. So here it is,

As humans, we are facing an unfair, deep-rooted epidemic that is constantly spread by our society & reinforced by media for ages.

It is so deep-rooted and intertwined in our minds that we have forgotten to realize a cure for this is yet to be found.

An epidemic of beauty sickness

An epidemic caused by our unfair obsession with lighter skin and a perfect body. As a society, we are all expected to fit into certain stereotypes and are constantly judged based on our skin color & body shape. This mindset is so normalized that we accept treatments that change our physical appearance and claim to make us ‘beautiful’ as a standard part of our life. The pressure to look ‘beautiful’ has made us question our own identity. This is probably the only social agony that is gender-neutral which affects both men and women equally. It’s a shame that something so natural, that we don’t have control over can make us feel so deficient. …

How often do we come across a legend, who changes our destiny and directs us in the path of victory?

Not often, but I have been extremely blessed to have spent a good amount of time with one such legend during his last few years. A person who changed my life and guided me to the path of success.

The legendary Mr. Era Sezhiyan, India’s greatest parliamentarian, and a great human being. My family and I are fortunate to have known him and to be benefited incredibly by his greatness.

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The Legendary Era Sezhiyan

Having lived a legendary life for 90+ years, Sezhiyan thatha had the passion and vision until his last breath to create a better world. A very humble person who is considered as the Mt.Everest of Indian politics. His knowledge and strong opinions about human life have always amazed all of us. He was the epitome of wisdom and courage. The love and affection he had towards the people around him was boundless. …

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Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

It’s only a few of us who are lucky to have lived our childhood with our grandparents. I am one of the lucky ones to have spent my childhood with my dearest Patti.

It's been around 10 years since she left this world, but she is still present with us in everything we do and is part of every day we celebrate.

If anyone who met her even once had to describe her in a word, it would be “Annapoorani”. One of the most generous person to ever exist. She has bestowed our entire family with incredible love, kindness, and affection which still is the binding force keeping us all together. She always made sure everyone was well-fed, not only with her food but with her incredible love too. …

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Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

Does it really take a pandemic like this for us to realize and value what we have? To pause and reflect on how blessed we are?

If a virus can teach us wisdom beyond our understanding of how gifted and precious our lives are, way better than any great preacher, Corona has done its job by making us understand who and what is most important in life.

This pandemic is not just a temporary issue that will pass by. It’s a highlighted version of a less visible crisis which we are all intertwined with and have forgotten to notice while running our rat race. …


Rajalakshmi Senthilnathan

Savour every moment 💫

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